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Carefusion Vyaire LTV1000 Transport Ventilator
LTV 1000 with AC power adapter

Carefusion Vyaire LTV1000 Transport Ventilator

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Part Number:LTV1000
These LTV1000 units are "Patient Ready" with a ** 90-Day Warranty ** Shipping costs not included

Approved for transport and military use. For patients 5 kg pediatrics to adults.  Weighing only 14.4 lbs and much smaller than comparably equipped ventilators, this unit has a built-in turbine allowing transport ventilation where and when you need it. The LTV1000 ventilator offers both Invasive and Noninvasive modes of ventilation in Pressure Control, Pressure Support, Volume Control, and Spontaneous Breath Types, delivered with flow triggering. A built-in blender provides O2 from 21 to 100% or a low-pressure O2 source can be used to bleed in oxygen. The addition of SIMV, CPAP, and Apnea Back-up combine to create flexible portable ventilation technology.

These LTV-1000's have just been serviced with a 2 Year PM service, including new internal battery, filters, and calibration.

Accessories include:
11550  Boot Kit and carry strap
11448  AC power adapter with hospital grade power cord
10664  Operator's Manual (PDF)
10699  Oxygen High-Pressure Hose

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